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Making a Difference

World One Development Group has provided professional support and services to our partnered organizations. We understand that developing projects or even building a company takes a great deal of expertise and services to make an endeavor or company stand out above all others. WODG is one stop shopping and service center for our partnered companies and organizations.

By working with companies around the world, international banking and trade groups we found ourselves partnering with a variety of professionals requesting our services, knowledge and skills to develop a diverse range of economic development projects. To our surprise, we were introduced to a whole new level of project development targeting project budgets in excess of one hundred million to multibillion dollar projects globally.

Our insight and services caused a new collective turn out of advanced technology groups eagerly wanting to partner in order to participate in the projects we were developing for our partnered companies and organizations. Every project we developed is backed by thousands of hours of research and planning. It has taken us years to develop relationships with corporations and organizations to secure partnerships and licenses for technologies that will be used in completing projects.

WODG believes in growing with the changing times. Although feeding and clothing a child in a third world country is admirable and a worthy endeavor to save lives, it does not address long-term problems. As a new breed of project developers, we must address the greater picture beyond just feeding a starving child; we must consider all the aspects of an individual’s life; from food, clothing, housing, healthcare, education and even employment. We believe in being part of the most advanced and most versatile group addressing project endeavors today. We plan complete balanced economic development projects that truly impact communities and countries. We understand that humanitarian projects are very important in today’s world, however the need to develop economic development projects in order to create badly needed jobs in developing countries can be as vital to making positive change in the world one country at a time.