About World One Development Group

World One Development Group (WODG) is a solution provider and active project group working with our partnered companies and organizations worldwide in order to build a better future. We provide a diverse range of services and support for a variety of organizations and even governments dedicated to our project endeavors. With the growing need for project development, management, funding and compliance we have structured our organization to provide real world solutions and services that truly make a difference. Our associates, professionals and partnered groups subscribe to principles that make projects successful, the simple act of dedication to make a vision great. We are a diverse NGO group working together for the betterment of humanity through economic development.

Partnered Support Services

Project Monitoring and Compliance
Professional Consulting
International Trade and Commodities
International Banking and Finance
Project Management
Project Development
Global Acquisitions

General Industries

Fabrication and Home Manufacturing
Commercial and Residential Construction
Sustainable Agribusiness and Food Production
Advanced Real World Education
Advanced Research Labs
Industrial Fabrication Labs
Global Alternative Utilities
Property Management and Real Estate
Import and Export
Shipping and Freight
Green Mining Technologies
Biofuel and Refining

Humanitarian Endeavors

Over the years we have focused on humanitarian and economic development projects that create badly needed jobs. We have supported and worked on humanitarian projects worldwide in order serve humanity in our own way.

We know that to make positive changes in the world no one organization can achieve it alone. By working together we can achieve goals in battling poverty, famine and disease. WODG works hand and hand with other organizations and governments that are dedicated to making a positive difference in the world around us. If you are of like mind and heart or a talented individual, professional, humanitarian organization, corporation or international investment group we invite you to join us by working together to build a better and safer world for our children’s children.

Please visit our partnered non-profit organizations Humanity One and The White Light Group.