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Projects — 2015 to 2016 and Beyound

The Bahamas — We have been engaged to create a feasibility study and formal project plan to redevelop the Sigrist House in the Bahamas, the former estate of King Edward VIII of England. We are currently developing a plan to restore the estate to its former glory and convert the property into a private corporate retreat and resort.

Green Community — We have finalized our agreement with an international investment banking group and two non-profits organizations Humanity One and The White Light Group to develop a completely sustainable green community in New Mexico. This project will create thousands of jobs and establish a new model for designing environmentally friendly cities. Ground breaking for this project has been planned for the fall of 2016.

Commercial Agribusiness — We have entered into a joint venture and partnership to develop a commercial agricultural facility for Evergreen Agribusiness and Evergreen Organic Foods. The new facilities will provide over 5,000 local jobs and lower the carbon foot print to several communities in the United States.

International Retreats and Resorts — We have secured a new contract to design, develop and manage private retreats and resorts that will cater to corporate executives, special clientele and the über-wealthy. We are focusing on multiple types of corporate facilities to be developed, constructed and invested in, around the world for our partnered organization.

Europe and United States — We have secured another contract to design new Research and Development facilities for an auto manufacturer in Germany, Vietnam, Texas and Atlanta USA, to break ground by spring of 2016.

General Projects

Project Development

No matter how large or small the project World One Development Group takes on, we believe in providing the highest quality participation, services and support. Our associates and partnered groups are geared to work on projects ranging to small commercial local projects to large-scale international projects.

Affordable Housing

World One Development Group's Housing Division currently subscribes to and promotes our Steel Frame System, Mortarless Block System, Monolithic Dome, Earth/Ram Block, Cob Housing, Recycled Material Construction and Standard Material Construction from Sustainable Resource technologies. We are constantly reviewing and testing new intelligent technologies in order to improve services and lower costs without loss of quality construction.

WODG has 4 primary objectives to affordable housing projects.

    1. Environmentally Friendly
      a. Non-Toxic
      b. No Old Growth Trees Killed for Construction
    2. Affordable Construction
      a. Cost Affective Materials
      b. Economic Manufacturing
      c. Use of Unskilled Labor for Construction
      d. Simple Technologies to Train Unskilled Workers
    3. Mobile Manufacturing Facilities or Machines
      a. Easily Transportable System
      b. Quick Setup and Startup
      c. Creates Badly Need Local Jobs

Green Communities

We believe anyone can build a home, where WODG plans, develops and builds complete green sustainable communities. We pride ourselves in the responsible use of technologies to create unique communities that are built on the principle of walkable neighborhoods. Where there is a balance in the placement of green homes, schools, community green spaces, neighborhood gathering areas, retail, manufacturing, etc. Combined with permaculture landscaping with functional rainwater sequestering and recycling in order to ensure a communities ability to thrive.

Agricultural Projects

World One Development Group’s advanced agribusiness and advanced agricultural research projects are vital to our goals in producing food on a large scale. Developing viable agribusinesses worldwide is the goal of every organization we are partnered with.

The agricultural business center projects we develop do not provide food handouts as is common with humanitarian organizations, but rather provides advanced technologies and teachers modern agricultural techniques. Combined with a cooperative farm ownership program to allow starving people to grow their own food and sell off the excess to create a self-sustainable business enterprise.

Our commercial multi-faceted projects which we put in place, creates modern agribusiness centers that include by not limited to commercial hyper-productive greenhouses, fish farms, production facilities, food processing facilities, product quality testing labs, a marketing center for exporting fresh and processed foods. These facilities include a center for the education and hands-on training of local personnel in the practical elements of agriculture, manufacturing, food processing, business, logistics/marketing and finance. The size of a typical commercial agricultural business center ranges from 500 to 10,000 hectares.

Environmental Conservation

World One Development Group has based all of our project endeavors with environmental conservation on our forethought with global projects. We have a strong voice with all of our partnered organizations and affiliates in considering environmental impact worldwide.

We promote the following goals with the organizations, agencies we have partnered with. Working with environmental agencies and local governments in establishing comprehensive environmental impact studies and analysis of off shore environments, all water tributaries, lakes, and shorelines in the targeted countries.

Develop local government assistance programs to educate countries on modern and alternative ocean conservation; assist local governments in developing sound and environmentally aware aquatic environmental programs that address specific problems with saving their natural resources. To understand the declining conditions attributed to increasing stress on aquatic life due to mismanagement of local fishing industries, commercial, industrial and community waste pollution.

Infrastructure Projects

World One Development Group has partnered with top engineers and companies around the world to utilize the most advanced technologies for infrastructure projects. Developing affective infrastructure is vital when planning the building of new communities, rebuilding poverty stricken communities and war torn communities. Finding solutions to environmental issues is in the forefront to our objectives when involved with infrastructure projects.

We have made the commitment to finding solution to problems that plagues communities worldwide. We believe in a key element to stabilizing a community or region is to insure self-reliance on basic infrastructure projects dealing with water reclamation, power and waste management. We turned our attention to alternative technologies for answers to the growing need to find effective and economic solutions to the needs of a community. The questions a raised from researching new alternative technologies;

  • The technology had to be affordable
  • The technology had to be environmentally safe
  • The technology must be economically sound. During our research we included a fourth aspect to solutions; we included alternative new technologies, which could be deployed to resolve emergency conditions in communities worldwide