Our Introduction

World One Development Group is a division of World One a global network of partnered companies and professionals working with a specific client base in the fields of project development and management. WODG is focused on creating cash flow and profits through a variety of global avenues to fund our economic and non-profit projects.

WODG, began with the need to provide a unique support to three primary industries of asset management, commodities (including petroleum products, precious metals and gems) and economic development opportunities. We found that these three sectors often worked in direct correlation with each other, which would create specific opportunity to fund our project endeavors. We understood that there was a need for us to develop a unique service based and project oriented organization tailored for these industries and beyond.

Responsible assest management and investments can be highly profitable for our joint venture groups and partnered companies as well as fund a diverse range of economic and humanitarian projects worldwide. We combined the talents of our network of professionals and the vast resources of our partnered companies in order to build World One Development Group. We are an organization with global growth that has embraced new innovative concepts in wealth management to benefit humanity and our planet.

Project Development

Our solutions are goal oriented, success driven, and situation specific, combined with detailed plans to achieve one thing – to create or secure wealth to fund projects worldwide and in turn create badly needed jobs. WODG works with our partnered group of companies to fund a diverse range of responsible economic development projects worldwide. Our goal is to provide a future for humanity through diversified investments and joint ventures with equity partners.

We also provide comprehensive project compliance services to a select group of partnered corporations, trusts and foundations to ensure that our clientele receive proper project support. We monitor and facilitate grants for large-scale projects worldwide and to provide oversight and compliance for project funding groups.

Advanced Agribusiness Project Endeavors

World One, has secured new licenses and patents in advanced highly productive greenhouses and organic farming. These new technologies and methodologies have been developed out of concern of extreme global climate change, which could create famine on a biblical level. We are currently working to launch our new project endeavors that have the potential in feeding communities worldwide. We are embracing this project endeavor, because we have made the commitment to assist in creating local food sources, jobs and to lower the carbon footprint of communities, we are actively working with.

Recent Acquisitions

World One felt a need to expand its abilities to provide a more diverse range of services for our partnered groups and project objectives. We believe it's important to expand our real world experience and acquire additional advanced technology licenses where ever possible. World One recently acquired MNL Consulting, which is currently undergoing a merger process. MNL brings to the table the diverse capabilities and technology licenses to provide a greater range of project support for our economic endeavors as well as support for our partnered for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Global Partnering

We believe strongly that partnering is the key to building stronger organizations and relationships. We believe that by partnering with other organizations we can combine resources and services through joint venture endeavors to build towards a better future.

We have developed the means to pool the resources of all our joint venture groups and partnered organizations, which translates into a global network of resources. Building optimal partnerships is the key to building lasting business relationships. Through partnering we can achieve tangible goals for the growth of any organization that dedicates significant resources and commitment to partnering.